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About Us

Mark Wolfgram


Mark is the Owner and started EG Wear Inc. as a small business in 2003. Over the course of 11 years he has used his knowledge of the industry and personal drive to evolve a small start up business into the large successful screenprinting and embroidery company it is today.

As the CEO Mark ensures that the company is profitable by charting out the road map for EG Wear Inc. to reach its highest potential. He looks at cost-cutting measures and the utilization of resources optimally and in the best possible manner. Mark is the one who looks after initiatives, innovations, performance and of course the strategy which will help the company to be able to achieve short and long term goals.

Lore Solis


Victor Arias


Rocio Rodriguez


Our Leadership Team at EG Threads has 30+ years of experience in the Screen Printing, Finishing, and Quality Control industries. As the Leadership Team at EG Threads, they collaborate on a daily basis with our managers to complete every project in the most efficient and cost effective manner. They are second to none when it comes to Quality and their experience in the industry shows through their work and the products that are delivered to our customers. They are proficient in every aspect of the production process, and know what is takes to get the job done to our company's highest standards. They take a personal investment in the production with the goal to produce the best possible product and ensure that only the highest level of quality leaves our facility.

Latest Updates

It's a Latest Output of EG Threads

At EG Threads Inc., we believe that adhering to the highest possible standards of integrity and ethical behavior is paramount to our success, so we have set high standards for the way we conduct business, from sound business ethics to corporate and social responsibility.

We take responsibility for continually improving our processes, practices and actions to maintain high standards in the ethical sourcing of commodities and materials associated with our product lines.  Our expectation is that our suppliers, whose conduct reflects on EG Threads Inc. and its reputation, will lawfully conduct their business with the same standards, integrity and ethical behavior to protect the human rights of their employees and to treat them with dignity and respect as we do. This includes prohibiting the use of forced labor or child labor; preventing harassment, abuse and violence, and discrimination; ensuring a safe and healthy work environment; complying with the minimum wage and benefits required by law; ensuring working hours do not exceed the maximum set by applicable law; and operating in strict compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in effect where the supplier does business.

Barudan Embroidery Heads

Today the top embroidery contractors trust Barudan and only use their multi-head machinery for its increased production, superior stitching and exceptional quality. With Barudan machines, you can expect quality, reliability and durability. Put a Barudan side-by-side with any competitor's multi-head machine and it will out-perform it every time.

Thousand Square Foot Facility

EG Wear Inc. was able to expand into a new facility last year.  We have grown into 32,000 square feet and with the additional space we been able to double our capacity as well as offer new and exciting products and services to our customers.


At EG Wear Inc. our goal is to be the best value and quality provider of products and services to our clients.  We give the client our thoughts, energy, and efforts as if it were our own business, because when the client succeeds, we succeed!

Highly Trained and Experienced Employees

Our team of industry professionals have independently and collectively acquired experience that allows them to work closely with our customers to gain clear understanding of their business and process, consequently translating our customers brand's identity, message, and presence into a tangible item.

Million Shirts Printed Annually

EG Wear Inc. has the capacity and capability to produce upwards of 5 million garments annually.  We have mastered the most cutting edge and state of the art printing techniques that will ensure that your garments stand out from the rest.

M&R Textile Screen Printing Machines

M&R makes the finest automatic screen printing presses in the industry and the fastest automatic T-shirt screen printing machine in the world.  M&R automatic screen printing presses set the new standards of speed, productivity, efficiency and versatility in automatic carousel textile presses.  More professional screen printers depend on M&R than any other maker of screen printing equipment.