Phone : 9164801148
Email :
How did you hear about us? : Other
What type of items are you looking for today? : Custom Embroidery
Style :
Number :
Color : Gold (like on the other product we did)
Size : 3 inches
Range :
Quantity of Pieces : 100
Number of Graphics : 1
Graphic #1 Name : Arden Hills LogoHow many colors is your graphic? : 1

Print Location : ,,,Left Chest,
Comment : This is for our spa robes. We are in the process of buying new robes and would like our logo embroidered on the left chest.
The robes are ivory and we would like the logo to be gold. We picked a gold stitching that is on polos you embroieded for us recently, we would like the same one for these.
Thank you!