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How did you hear about us? : Instagram
What type of items are you looking for today? : Custom Screenprinting
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Number of Graphics : 1
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Comment : Hi EG Threads,

Hoping this message finds you well!

In preparation for the Fall 2021 season, Custom Ink is currently looking for new print partners and we found your company on Instagram.

A little background about Custom Ink’s workflow. We send orders of varying sizes from 6 pieces to 1,000+ and varying color counts (up to what a shop is capable of) to our network of printer partners. Occasionally we’ll send orders under 6 pieces which are generally replacement orders or additional piece(s) of previous orders.

Our orders require Custom Ink branding in the form of a heat pressed tagless label and hangtag, unless otherwise noted. Turn around time for orders is about 1-2 days after blanks are scheduled to be delivered. Our company provides print ready or adjustment friendly artwork that is easy to work with, and has already been approved by our customers.

Additionally, we work with our supplier network to have blanks sent directly to your shop, resolve any issues with the garments upon arrival, and provide packaging supplies for shipping orders on our UPS account. We utilize an online system for you to manage all of this.

We do also have some orders that require distributed shipping, which is our individual drop shipping fulfillment service.

We are looking for printers who can ramp up to print 15-20 orders per day for Custom Ink (roughly $1500-$2000 in print cost per day). That would be the minimum and could be higher for those with open capacity. The average order would be approximately 55 pieces, 2 color front, 1 color back.

Ideally, our print partners would have a minimum of 2 manual and 2 automatic presses.

If this sounds like a potential business fit please let us know, we will send an NDA your way, and provide some additional details.

All the best,
Custom Ink Vendor Team