Phone : 9166062088
Email :
How did you hear about us? : ASI Distributor
What type of items are you looking for today? : Custom Screenprinting
Style : PC455 50/50 Tshirts
Number : PC455
Color : Jet Black
Size :
Range :
Quantity of Pieces : 50
Number of Graphics : 1
Graphic #1 Name : VBChamps_Winter2023_2c_FFHow many colors is your graphic? : 2

Print Location : Front Print,,,,
Comment : Good Morning,

I have an order that has a firm Feb. 13th ship date / delivery deadline of Feb. 14th and I am curious if you want the order. If yes, I can email the PO, vector art today (2/1) and have the t-shirts ship from Sanmar Reno to EG Threads.

Order details:
Qty 50
Black 50/50 t-shirts (PC455 will drop ship to EG Threads from Sanmar Reno)
Full Front Screen Print, 11.5″ wide.
Ink Colors: White and Pantone 123 (or close is fine just looking for an athletic gold ink color, exact match is not important)
FIRM DEADLINE: Delivery in Sacramento, CA on/by Feb 14th

Does EG Threads want this job?
Please reply as soon as possible so I can get things rolling.